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Our Mission

Representing those affected by environmental pathogenic illness, we collaborate with partners in medicine and academia, the health department, and local organizations and government to educate the public and prevent environmental illness. We advocate for effective policy and facilitate culture change to increase environmental safety. As individuals with a unique perspective, we offer resources, kindness, and hospital care packages for those who are currently battling or have battled these environmental pathogenic infections.

Our Goals

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Educate the public and medical providers about environmental pathogenic infections like STEC, shigella, etc. with the goal to prevent illness and death.  This is particularly important to rural America due to the large agricultural community that increases the risk of these pathogenic infections.

Understanding how to identify these environmental pathogenic infections, when to seek medical attention, how to treat them, what the potential risks are with each and long term sequelae. 

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Create Change

Create policy change at a local, state, and federal level to better protect our children from these environmental pathogenic infections.


Provide support for families who are hospitalized with these infections by providing knowledge, offering resources, kindness, and hospital care packages. 

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